Increase Yields With Neocision LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light

Neocision Veg

500 LED Grow Light

Our Neocision Veg 500 has increased blue spectrum which is ideal for the veg stage to reduce plant stretch with tightened internodal spacing. This light is designed for commercial growers looking for a free-hanging light to deliver enhanced yield and coverage as compared to 600W metal halide or 630W ceramic metal halide lights. Full spectrum lighting for quality vegetative growth!

Elite 680 11

Neocision Elite 680

LED Grow Light

Neocision Elite 680 features a 20.6% blue spectra and 45.1% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for your flowering plants. These flower lights are designed for four-foot-wide racks, but with a high efficiency of 2.85 PPE and an industry leading 1937 PPF for fixtures under 700 watts, our Elite 680 can also be used effectively over benches. Increased red for maximizing photosynthesis and increased yields!

Veg 340 094

Neocision Veg 340

LED Grow Light

Our Neocision Veg 340 LED grow light has increased blue spectrum to expedite your time to flower, keep your plant heights manageable and ultimately provide stronger plants for increased yields. These lights are designed for multi-tier racking systems with multiple hanging options that allow for many alternative airflow solutions to improve overall plant health.

ELITE 750 13

Neocision Elite 750

LED Grow Light

Neocision Elite 750 LED grow light features a 21% blue spectra and 44% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for your flowering plants. With a 10% increase in PPF compared to our our Elite 680 light, the Elite 750 provides enhanced uniformity and better penetration across your plant canopy when used as a free-hanging light above roll top or V-track benches. 


Neocision Duo Max 1030

LED Grow Light

Our Neocision Duo Max 1030 LED grow light, with a minimum 3193 PPF, has a slim design for better heat dissipation, making them ideal as a horticultural top light for greenhouse and indoor grow facilities. The Duo Max also provides better light distribution and uniformity than single-bar LED greenhouse fixtures with less shade per watt.

Maximum Yields With Quality Tested LED Grow Lights

RSX developed an offering LED grow lights after identifying a market need for quality, affordable grow lights with spectra customized for flower and vegetive stages. While most LED light manufacturers will recommend the same LED grow light for any application, our product line has lights for flower rooms and veg/moms rooms that can be used in free hanging, single tier bench applications or multi-tier vertical racks. We custom design LED grow lights to fit your application.

RSX also supports our grow lights with custom lighting layouts, dimming control options, and power cable harness systems for bench and rack applications to reduce lighting installation costs.

Our team has advised over 50 indoor grow facilities in 12 states covering more than 500,000 square feet of indoor cultivation helping growers identify the “right” lighting solution for their grow facility. But, we complement our lighting design and layouts with value-added input on your facility design, workflows, and environmental control systems.  Our goal is to get you to first harvest sooner with an optimized, cost-efficient facility design.

Neocision LED grow lights are fully certified and tested to the strictest U.S. standards including ETL and Design Lights Consortium (DLC) horticulture qualified products list.

The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards. Authorities Having Jurisdiction(AHJs) and code officials across the US and Canada accept the ETL Listed Mark as proof of product compliance to published industry standards.

The DLC Qualified Products Lists are the largest verified lists of high performing and energy saving LED lighting solutions in the world. Qualified products undergo thorough vetting and review by DLC experts to ensure they meet our rigorous energy and quality requirements.

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