Design + Build

Grow Room Setup And Design

Get RSX Involved Early – We Offer a Free Preliminary Project Assessment

RSX can provide the most value to your grow room setup and design when we are involved early on to work with your architects, engineers, and contractors.  This allows us to guide you and your professional team to address the cannabis-specific issues that we have seen in our past projects.

Cultivation Facility Design + Build Coordination Assistance

From assessment to design to build coordination assistance to start-up, RSX wants to be your trusted advisor to help you and your team in grow room setup and design systems that best fit your operational, budgetary and scalability needs.


  • Review License and Regulations
  • Validate Financial Plan and Budgets
  • Assess Facility Concept Plans
  • Define Goals and Objectives
  • Create Move Forward Plan and Timeline


  • Manage Design Process for Irrigation, Climate Control, Benches, Air Flow and Lighting
  • Establish List of Building Components to be Used
  • Implement Request for Proposal (RFP) Process on Equipment
  • Review Architectural and MEP Plans
  • Create Load Calculations for HVACD Requirements


  • Advise on Engineering Design & Equipment Specification
  • Assist in Development of systems Integration
  • Supply Chain Updates for On-time Delivery Coordination
  • Define Controls Requirements – Hardware &Software
  • Facilitate Project Management & Troubleshooting


  • Coordinate Vendor Systems Commissioning
  • Assist in Facility Monitoring & Controls Implementation
  • Finalize Supplies and Equipment Procurement
  • Reconcile Vendor Purchases Made
  • Implement Cultivation Phase-in Plan

 The RSX Value-Added Proposition

RSX designs concept layouts for your critical growing systems focused on your cultivation methods to:

  • Optimize space utilization,
  • Increase product yield, and
  • Maximize operational efficiencies

RSX works with you and your team to design a floor plan for the grow facility including:

  • Sizing of plant growing rooms for clone, vegetative and flower stages, as well as other production areas including dry, cure, trim and packaging.
  • Develop optimized lighting layouts specific to your requirements and canopy size with appropriate placement diagrams using industry leading horticulture lighting tools and AutoCAD.
  • Working with your MEP engineers on sensible and latent load calculations and HVACD requirements.
  • Sizing and placement CAD diagrams for your grow benches and/or multi-level racking systems.
  • Assisting with the lay-out and design of irrigation and nutrient delivery system.
  • Negotiating upfront equipment costs using robust RFP process and review.
  • Optimizing space planning for cultivation workflows and labor utilization.
  • Creating lower operational cost, easy-to-manage perpetual harvest schedules.
  • Analyzing your facility’s operational and energy efficiencies.
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