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About Cannabis Irrigation Supply

Cannabis Irrigation Supply is a family-owned and operated irrigation design firm and retailer with over 35 years of experience. CIS works with growers of all sizes to deliver efficient, cost-effective drip irrigation systems designed to the customer’s preferences. Since drip systems have a lot of small pieces with multiple methods of assembly, often leaving the uninitiated confused and intimidated, CIS offers its popular free system design service where it designs an irrigation system tailored specifically to a grower’s operations. For a fee, CIS can provide CAD drawings showing pipe routing and details of how your system should be assembled. CIS has worked on hundreds of facilities, some of which total over one million square feet of canopy. CIS partners with the leading nutrient injection – or “fertigation” – system providers to eliminate the labor associated with feeding water and nutrients separately by combining both activities into one automated package.

Key Irrigation System Components

Poly Tube System

Manifold System

Pump System

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