Naperville, Illinois, June 24, 2021 –– BVV, a solutions leader in the extraction and processing industry since 2013, has launched its latest product line – a best-in-class, proprietary line of Neocision Spectra LED lighting fixtures. The initial light offering includes three fixtures – the ElitePro and Veg – geared to different markets.

Neocision Spectra LED Grow Light (ELITE) for Flowering Growing Phase

Neocision Spectra Elite – BVV’s premium offering is a full spectrum light with optimized blue and red spectra, is targeted to commercial growers with an MSRP of $999, significantly lower than lesser-performing lights sold by Fluence, Gavita and Grower’s Choice.

Features include:
• 20.6% blue spectra and 45.1% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for your flowering plants, resulting in stronger plants for nutrient uptake, increased yields, quality bud formation and high rates of cannabinoid production levels.
• Leading 660nm LED count – 150 660nm diodes per fixture.
• An industry leading, independently tested PPF efficacy of 2.85 μmols/J at 240 VAC, and PPF (400-700nm) of 1939 μmol/s.
• Volt input range 200-277 VAC, 680 input watts +/- 5%.

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Neocision Spectra LED Grow Light (PRO) for Flowering Growing Phase

Neocision Spectra Pro – BVV’s standard, full spectrum, mid-range offering targeted to more price-conscious commercial, craft, home and hobbyist growers, carrying an MSRP $899
Features Include:
• 18.5% blue spectra and 40.7% red spectra with a peak at 660nm for your flowering plants, designed for an efficacy with competitive blue/red comparable to Fluence.
• An independently tested PPF efficacy of 2.58 μmols/J at 240 VAC, is comparable to or better than lights sold by Fluence, Gavita and Grower’s Choice, and PPF (400-700nm) of 1751 μmol/s.
• Volt input range 100-277 VAC, 680 input watts +/- 5%.

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Neocision Spectra LED Grow Light for Vegetative Growing Phase

Neocision Spectra Vegetative – BVV’s vegetative product offering is a full spectrum light with increased blue spectra for better veg cycle plant development before flowering and is targeted to indoor and outdoor cultivators, carrying an MSRP $449
Features include:
• 5000k grow light fixture is designed to produce a healthy and more flavorful, aromatic yield.
• Independently tested efficacy of 2.51 μmols/J at 120 VAC, and PPF (400-700nm) of 853 μmol/s.
• Volt input range 100-277 VAC, 340 input watts +/- 5%.
Standard Features on all Neocision Spectra Lights
• High Performance Driver – Powered by a removable, highly efficient Sosen driver, with less than 5% power loss, carrying an 8-year limited warranty.
• Dimming – Dimming knob that can manually adjust light from 0% (off) to 100%.
• Compatible Controllers – Include both an input and output RJ port to connect up to 80 fixtures to a single 0-10V external controller (sold separately), adjustable in 10% increments.
• Daisy Chain Power Solution – Can daisy chain up to 5 fixtures on a cable harness system (sold separately) that has one connection to a high voltage junction box, resulting in electrical installation costs savings.
• Solid Construction – No moving parts, sturdy and well built.
• Easy Installation – No special tools required, which can save time and money in installation.
• Adjustable Height – Easily adjustable height, so the distance from canopy can be modified depending on plant growth cycle, using hanging kits included without additional charge.
• Warranty – 7-year limited warranty on fixture, compared to 5-year offered by other LED brands.
• DLC Listing – Applied for, meaning quantitative performance metrics have been independently verified and lights will be eligible for utility rebates.

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About BVV
Since 2013, BVV has been a solutions leader in the extraction and processing industry, providing its customers with high quality, yet affordable equipment, including vacuum chambers, drying ovens, pumps. Today, BVV offers the largest variety of extraction and processing products for its customers to build their own systems as well as turnkey systems to take the guesswork out of the equation for its end users. BVV has teamed with RSX Enterprises, Inc. to develop and launch its proprietary LED lighting line, based on a shared vision to offer products that are superior to the competition by offering excellent customer service and using high quality materials, all at an affordable price.

About RSX Enterprises, Inc.
RSX Enterprises, Inc. (“RSX”) is the authorized agent for the sale and marketing of BVV’s Neocision Spectra lights. RSX’s principals have provided lighting and facility design-build solutions for more than 500,000 square feet of indoor cultivation facilities over the past two years, including retrofits and new construction for commercial and craft growers. RSX’s service-oriented sales approach includes: (i) assessing existing facility concepts and financial budgets to define project objectives and timelines, (ii) preparing lighting and facility layouts which are used to develop systems requirements, (iii) advising on engineering design-build and equipment specifications, coordinating supply chain issues, and facilitating project management and troubleshooting, and (iv) coordinating equipment and systems procurement, timely delivery and vendor-provided commissioning. RSX’s value-added proposition: assist cultivators to effectively implement their capital programs, improve time to first harvest, lower operating costs, and increase yields and product consistency.
For more information, please contact:

RSX Enterprises, Inc.
Randy Shipley, President
(331) 226-1986
(312) 446-4678

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